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Top Three Gemstones for Holiday Season | Um, OMG Tarot

The holiday season is typically an exciting time for most. The blinking Christmas lights illuminate the city streets and the yearly parades will get people outdoors even in subzero temperatures! Oh, and what about the seasonal treats on the menu?! Gingerbread cookies and OMG EGG NOG! Also, my PERSONAL favourite, FRUIT CAKE.

Just kidding. Fruit cake is kinda weird.

Although the holidays are intended to be a warm, fuzzy-feeling celebration, it’s not always easy for everyone. Christmas time can be a reminder of what we’ve lost–who we’ve lost. It can also be a time of stress and high pressure. The holidays can even be depressing to those who don’t have a family or many friends.

I personally like to give gemstones away as “healing” gifts. Even if the person is not necessarily into metaphysical topics, most semi-precious gemstones are visually stunning and interesting to feel Below are three healing gemstones I like to buy people for Christmas! Continue reading Top Three Gemstones for Holiday Season | Um, OMG Tarot