Nisha is as Tarot Card reader, Astrologist, Gemstone enthusiast and Spiritual Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising with over 10+ years experience reading the tarot and studying all things metaphysical.

Hello! It’s Um, OMG Tarot!!!

Hello! It’s Um, OMG Tarot!

If you’ve seen my YouTube Channel, you know that I offer a friendly, fun & informative tarot card reading that resonates!

Another thing you’ll notice if you’re familiar with me is that I LOVE candles and they’re an essential part of a spiritual ambience. I have created my own collection of scented candles (both novelty and new age styles) and gift sets.

Services Offered

Tarot Card Readings

Intuitive Advices

Scented Candles & Bath Products

Moon Rituals