Nisha is as Tarot Card reader, Astrologist, Gemstone enthusiast and Spiritual Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising with over 10+ years experience reading the tarot and studying all things metaphysical.

Hello! It’s Um, OMG Tarot!!!


I’ve always been a rather spiritual person.  Even as a child, I had many paranormal experiences that evoked the exploration of the soul and all things metaphysical.  It began with solving sleep paralysis intuitively (the pre-internet era) and self-teaching lucid dream.  When I was first introduced to Astrology when I was ten, I knew that there was an intangible aspect of life that needed to be explored further.  

Growing up with an identical twin sister, we’ve always been able to sense the character of people long before they showed us who they were.  I don’t know if its the twintuition, but we had an empathic nature in which my sister became a healer through animal nursing and I provided healing through laughter as a stand up comic.  With my interest in astrology and the law of attraction growing, I ventured into the world of tarot 16 years ago and learned of the powerful information that each oracle unveils.  

From the deck selection, to the shuffle, to the card that dropped on the floor I believe that every aspect of the reading is important in awakening the information within.  You should feel better having had a tarot reading for if at the very least, you will feel clarity.  My goal is to provide a conversational feeling read–like an old friend looking out for you!  With a strong belief in Karma, you can count on me to provide an accurate read of the cards and an entertaining experience.


If you’ve seen my YouTube Channel, you know that I offer a friendly, fun & informative tarot card reading that resonates!

Another thing you’ll notice if you’re familiar with me is that I LOVE candles and they’re an essential part of a spiritual ambience. I have created my own collection of scented candles (both novelty and new age styles) and gift sets.

Services Offered

Tarot Card Readings

Intuitive Advice

Scented Candles & Bath Products

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