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August 2018 – Tarot Card Reading: Feeling overwhelmed? | Um, OMG Tarot


  • 3 of WandsEmerging as a leader; being the visionary; stepping up to the plate, being instinctually brave; getting a promotion
  • 10 of WandsCarrying the weight of the world; being a trooper; burdened by extra work
  • 2 of PentaclesJuggling responsibilities; being indecisive about health or home decisions


This three card spread indicates that the querent is feeling confident.  This person has set their sights out on the lands far beyond view.  There’s water, there ar boats–an adventure is sure to transpire during this quest.  Three of wands energy indicates that this person feels ready and enthusiastic about new opportunities that could lead to, well, new opportunities!

The wands energy is exciting and action-oriented.  Sometimes, in our enthusiasm and over-confidence, we can bite off more than we can chew.  The ten of wands expresses someone, although abundant with this resourceful tool, is fighting to keep more wands than he’ll ever even need.  This effort is hindering progress in the long run.

A need for re-balance is being pointed out with the last card, the two of pentacles.  This person is trying to balance their coins (finances, work, home life) as the ebbs and flows of the waves behind echo the rhythm of the flow of emotions.  Perhaps this over-excitement and underestimation (ten of wands) is due to deep rooted fears about facing challenging financial times.


  • If you feel a boost of confidence, ride that wave for as long as possible!
  • Do NOT spread yourself too thin!
  • Keep an eye on the chequing account and bill due dates!
  • Stay on schedule!
  • Straighten up your posture!



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