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Tarot cards that mean DECEPTION! | Um, OMG Tarot

“Is he lying to me?”

“I don’t know. Let’s ask the cards”

There’s a question tarot readers get ALL of the time.  Although this could call for a simple three-card, “Yes/No” spread, there are several cards that indicate lies!

If you’re familiar with spirituality and new age practices at all, the symbolism behind the traditional Rider-Waite tarot decks will feel kinda obvious. One is the beginning, two is about duality and partnership; three is collaboration; four is structure and stability–you get the point.

Sometimes it’s just the repetition of the cards that reinforce an initial impression. Have you ever pulled daily tarot cards for weeks only to notice you got the seven of swords every few days? One time, I KEPT pulling the knight of swords card and before I knew it, I was being yelled at by some hot-head over an inaccurate assumption.

There’s that tarot magic!

All too often, do I sense that “fuccboi” energy in tarot card readings. This is represented by unevolved, misguided versions of the zodiac.  Every element has a diferent approach to these fuccboi shenanigans.

The actions of an unevolved fire sign would be an impulsive king of wands (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo). What about a water sign who is playing with your emotions? The Page of Cups or King of Cups in reverse next to The Fool? #HELYIN

What about that moon card in reverse?!  Do you have a distorted perception of reality due to being inexperienced and sheltered? Well it’s only a matter of time before an unevolved Earth sign feasts on your sweet innocence.  I’m lookin’ at YOU Hermit & Hierophant in reverse & The Devil! Hmmph! Have you ever been mind-f*cked by an air sign? They’re masterful at auto suggestion and persuasive techniques, and THAT’s why the seven of swords is able to get away with stealing large items in plain sight.

LOL <— I DID laugh out loud.


  1. The King of Wands in reverse.
  2. Seven of Swords
  3. The Moon in reverse
  4. Page of Cups in reverse
  5. The Sun in reverse



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