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The Anti-In-a-Funk Gemstone Starter Pack| Um, OMG Tarot

So, you’re having one of those days.

Sometimes a bad day starts with a bad dream.  The uneasy feeling of the unknown is troublesome.  There’s no tangible way to fix this problem and it hard to even explain the unbalance.  There are times, the solutions flood to us, and the know-how is present, but the “feels” are all out of sorts.

Until now…  Well not, now, gemstones have existed longer than humans. Their ancient metaphysical properties possess thousands of years of conscious belief  in their healing benefits!  Here are the best gemstones (that I’ve personally used) for sadness!

  • Citrine Quartz
    • Yellow, orange, shiny–this stone just LOOKS HAPPY.  Citrine looks like it broke off from the sun! I prefer to wear citrine as a necklace or bracelet on my dominant hand.  Citrine is known to encourage positive thoughts, motivation and abundance.  This is the “cheer-me-up” stone.
  • Calcite
    • Orange, blue green–basically calcite comes in every color! Although I like to wear my calcite, I definitely keep chunks around my bed.  Calcite promotes inspiration and prosperity by removing energy blocks.  If you work with the chakras, you probably know all about calcite.  This stone is used to recharge other stones and realign energy!
  • Black Obsidian
    • Black, dense and shiny.  This is one of my favourite grounding stones.  Black obsidian is used for protection, meditation and blocking out bad energy.  I keep chunks of black obsidian at my front door and at my work station.
  • Rose Quartz
    • Light pink quartz? You’ll find this stone everywhere during Valentine’s day. That’s because it’s been long-believed that rose quartz radiates and attracts loving energy.  Rose quartz provides a dose of positivity which promotes self love.
  • Dragon’s Blood 
    • Red and green with a warped looking pattern.  The Dragon’s blood calls upon vitality, enthusiasm and courage.  I carry a tumbled dragon’s blood with me in my pocket on days I need to conquer.  This stone also draws affection from others and overall good vibes.  Dragon’s blood jasper is a good stone for the loner, as it increases self awareness and endurance.

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