♒️ AQUARIUS Someone secretly stalking you?🔮 Um, OMG Tarot

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Selenite: Cleanse, Calm and Release 🔮 Um OMG Tarot

What is Selenite? Selenite is a gypsum crystal which can be found all over the world.  These crystals feature a white, translucent color but you can sometimes find them dyed various colors! What are the benefits of Selenite? Selenite is used to cleanse and clear other stones.  This powerful rock is believed to carry aContinue reading “Selenite: Cleanse, Calm and Release 🔮 Um OMG Tarot”

Apophyllite: Meditate, Enlighten, Inner Peace 🔮 Um OMG Tarot

What is Apophyllite? Apophyllite is a mineral that can be found in India, North America and Brazil, Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Germany and Japan.  You can find this crystal in multiple colors What are the benefits of Apophyllite?

Tarot Card Memes I found online that made me chuckle lol

LOL You did something naughty didn’t ya?

Positive Tarot cards in a Love Reading

As one could assume, the symbolism behind the imagery in tarot can be interpreted in many, many ways.  There are so many things to take into account–the colors, the actions, the clouds, the births, the pillars, the numerology–it can get complicated. Don’t worry.  An experienced tarot card reader (ahem, hem) can help you interpret allContinue reading “Positive Tarot cards in a Love Reading”