Rose Quartz: Love, Romance, Empathy | 🔮 Um OMG Tarot

What is a Rose Quartz?
Rose Quartz is a crystal that is found in India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa–even the United States, therefore, almost anywhere! It’s typically pink in color and is believed to carry a vibration that heals vibrational discord and elevates feelings of compassion and generally loving energy.

What are the benefits of Rose Quartz?
Those who possess a rose quartz believe that the energy emitted from this crystal brings about peace and tranquility to the atmosphere. Rose quartz is commonly placed around rooms where loved ones gather, or under the pillow to promote positive dreams and attract love.

When should I use Rose Quartz?
Seek a rose quartz crystal when you feel sadness or any type of emotional discomfort. Rose quartz is commonly used by both singles and couples to encourage love in all forms. This could mean healing from an emotional upheaval or simply pulling loving gestures towards you. Like attracts like, so, the rose quartz will attract love into your life!

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