Black Tourmaline: A Powerful Grounding Stone | 🔮 Um OMG Tarot

When should you use Black Tourmaline?
One should seek black tourmaline when they’re feeling mentally scattered. This sentiment can appear as confusion, paranoia and after a mind-altering bender (think drugs, alcohol, or a temporary period of a lapse in judgement).

Abalone Shells – 6 Metaphysical Benefits | Um, OMG Tarot

Aside from being BEAUTIFUL, the Abalone shells have several metaphysical uses.  Below are six metaphysical benefits of the Abalone shell. Relationship Help Abalone Shells enhance relationships by emitting energy that encourages  cooperative, understanding and harmonious communication Intuition Abalone Shells support a strong connection to intuition.  Instincts, gut reactions–whatever you wanna call it, the abalone releasesContinue reading “Abalone Shells – 6 Metaphysical Benefits | Um, OMG Tarot”