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Tarot Card Memes I found online that made me chuckle lol


You did something naughty didn’t ya?

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7 of Swords represents deception & 9 of Swords represents anxiety, nightmares about past mistakes.. LOL Get it?

So true.  So painful, so true.

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The Sun represents freedom and enthusiasm for life, like a happy child! The Tower represents sudden changes that are somewhat more destructive than one is typically ready for.

LOL some of you KNOW why you’re still hangin’ on.

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The Devil (aka Capricorn) is one who looks great on the outside but is probably (and obviously) bad for you.  The 7 of Swords represents the deception you ignore or that you decieve yourself in your lustful pursuits.  The two of cups in reverse further reinforces the idea that there is something “off” about this pairing. Possibly too lustful. LOL I totally killed this joke by explaining it!

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