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Positive Tarot cards in a Love Reading

7 Card Spread Love Tarot Reading
7 Card Spread Tarot Reading – Um OMG Tarot

As one could assume, the symbolism behind the imagery in tarot can be interpreted in many, many ways.  There are so many things to take into account–the colors, the actions, the clouds, the births, the pillars, the numerology–it can get complicated.

Don’t worry.  An experienced tarot card reader (ahem, hem) can help you interpret all of the tarot cards in your relationships spread!

Here are five cards that indicate that love is on the way in a relationship/romance tarot card reading!

 The Wheel of Fortune – Golden Universal Tarot Deck

The Wheel of Fortune – offers, luck, miracles

The Wheel of Fortune is a magnificent card to have show up in a tarot card reading! Closely associated with (Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion and good luck). The energy represented in this card is that of a sudden changing of tides for the positive.  It’s like an energetic shake up! In a relationship tarot reading, you may feel particularly unlucky in love, and if this card shows its lucky head, it might be the indicator you need to boost your overall confidence!  This is also a great card to have appear in a love reading because it means surprises! Everyone loves a good surprise!

10 of Cups  – Golden Universal Tarot Deck


Ten of Cups – joy; love; positivity; blessings

When the Ten of Cups is drawn in a love reading, there is so much to be excited about! This card represents expressions of joy and celebration.  This is the kind of energy that feels like relief and restoration– especially after a journey of ups and downs.  In relationship readings, the ten of cups represents a state of contentment, a win, healing, relief, reconciliation.

2 of Cups – The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

02 of Cups
Two of Cups – New partnership; attraction

The Two of Cups represents a reciprocated emotional connection.  This card also represents attraction and the coming together for mutual interests.  If you’re heading into your love reading hoping for indications of a relationship, this is the first card you wanna see.  In relationships, this card represents relief and restoring harmony.  Also forgiveness and moving forward are bother positive energies represented in this card.

4 of Wands – The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Four of Wands – Happy times; rewards; freedom

When the Four of Wands appears in a Tarot card reading, most people get excited.  Why? Well, not only is the four of wands a twin flame indicator, it also represents celebrations.  When I read the four of wands, I notice the decorations and the hands up in the air.  Also note the levels of yellow. Yellow is a very happy color, which you can associate with the Sun.  In a love reading, the four of wands can validate the indescribable feelings you have for someone special.

The Lovers – Oceanic Tarot Deck

The Lovers Tarot Card
The Lovers – Relationships; intimacy; marriage

When the Lovers appear in a love reading, it’s hard not to jump for joy.  This card represents the spirit of feeling a deep connections with a partner.  When you just know that the person you’re with is your perfect match.  There’s relief in seeing this card in a reading because it acknowledges a serious commitment and a deep emotional bond.  A side effect of caring for another is making better life decisions. Positive choices!

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